Inscrições e Pagamento

Registration Fees


Early Registration until August 31th

After August 31th


$450 US-dollars

$500 US-dollars


$150 US-dollars

$200 US-dollars

SPM Professional members

$6,000 MN

$7,000 MN

SPM Student members

$2,000 MN

$2,400 MN

Cancellation Polices:

  • Written cancellation until September 30th will cost $50 dlls.
  • Written cancellation until October 22nd will cost $250 dlls.
  • No reimbursement registration fee will be possible for cancellations after the start of the event.


  • Payments should be made to the account of the Sociedad Polimérica de México A.C. at the Banco Nacional de México S.A. (BANAMEX), account 38763, Sucursal Normalistas #980.
  • For online transfers use the Clave Bancaria Estandar (CLABE) 002320098000387633.
  • For international transfers please use the SWIFT code: BNMXMXMM. The IBAN CLABE: 002320098000387633
  • Payments are received in Mexican Pesos at the exchange rate of the day.

Important Announcements
In order to promote the participation of students from Latin America, students registered at Universities/Institutes/Centers of Latin America will be granted the same registration rate of the Mexican students (SPM) if they are proposed by a Professor/Researcher of the same University/Institute/Center attending the conference.
A proof of payment or waiver of registration fee of the Professor/Researcher is required together with a letter requesting the special rate for the student.

Please send by e-mail your proof of payment to Dr. Antonio Martínez-Richa at richa@ugto.mx, for students please send a proof of the student-status  together with the payment proof and additional info if a special rate is requested.