4th US-Mexico Symposium on Advances in Polymer Science
XXX Congreso Nacional de la S.P.M.

December 3 - 7 2017, Los Cabos, B. C.

December 12, 2017



November 25, 2017


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November 02, 2017


Dear Participants of MACROMEX2017


The Mexican Polymer Society (SPM) will publish in his WEB-Page an electronic issue of the Extended Abstracts of contributions made to Macromex2017.

We call all participants of the event Macromex2017 to consider this possibility to gain publicity for your contribution to the event.

If you wish to participate in this electronic Issue, please download the TEMPLATE, prepare your Extended Abstract according with the instructions given and submit it using the WEB-based OPENCONF system using your ID-number and password that you used for your initial Abstract submission.

Only Files in WORD format will be accepted (NO PDF) using the TEMPLATE.

Submission of an Extended Abstract is NOT COMPULSORY for your participation in Macromex2017.

If you allready submitted a File for your Abstract, delete it and upload your Extended Abstract instead.


The system will be open for these submissions from November 3rd 2017 until January 31st 2018. Publication of the electronic issue is planned for March 2018.




NOTE: If you need to correct Names, add or withdraw Names to your Abstract, now is the time to do it.

You will have ONLY FROM TODAY UNTIL NOVEMBER 17th to do it before the BOOK of ABSTRACTS is published for the event.

Dear, Colleagues:

We would like to invite you to participate in the next upcoming edition of the 4th US-Mexico Symposium on Advances in Polymer Science MACROMEX2017 & XXX Congreso Nacional de la S.P.M., which will be held in Los Cabos, México (December 3rd -7th, 2017).

As in the previous meetings, the purpose is to provide a platform for professionals and students to exchange state-of-the-art research and development and identify research needs and opportunities in emerging fields of Polymer Science and Engineering; furthermore it is aimed to increasing the cooperation and scientific interaction among researchers of US and Mexico.

Since the first meeting held in 2008, the participation of a group of distinguished Canadian scientists had contributed significantly to the quality of the meeting.
In this new edition, the meeting will be jointly organized by the Mexican Polymer Society (Sociedad Polimérica de México, SPM), the POLY division of the American Chemical Society, ACS and the Chemical Institute of Canada.

The chairs of MACROMEX2017 are Prof. Angel Licea-Claverie from the Tech Institute of Tijuana (Mexico); Prof. Rigoberto Advíncula from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH (USA) and Prof. Michael Cunningham from Queen's University in Kingston ON (Canadá).

The important dates for participation are:
April, 4th – begin of registrations and submissions.
May, 30th – last day for submissions (Abstract submission deadline).
July, 31th LAST CHANCE for Abstract Submission.
August, 15th – decision on submissions acceptance (Notification letters).
August, 30th – decision on submissions acceptance (Notification letters).


The Meeting will include invited and contributed talks in the following topics:

  • Advances in Macromolecular Synthesis.
  • Reactions on Polymers: Crosslinking, functionalization, grafting
  • Macromolecules and Nanotechnology.
  • Polymers for Biomedical Applications.
  • Polymers for Advanced Technologies: Optoelectronics, Membranes, Energy.
  • Composites and blends.
  • Polymer Engineering and Modeling
  • Smart polymers and Surfaces.

A Round Table on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Patents is also included in the program
We look forward to receiving your contributions and to hosting you in Los Cabos.

Soon, we will have more detailed information of this event and it will be posted in the official website at:


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