Kim Chaffin is a Vice President, Bakken Fellow, and Technical Fellow in Corporate Research at Medtronic.

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Medtronic, Inc.

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Kimberly A. Chaffin




Kim is a recognized expert in material thermodynamics and characterization, especially as it relates to structure-property relationships that govern long-term stability and performance. She serves as an advisor to the FDA’s Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories where she is helping their polymers research as it relates to biostability, biocompatibility and alternative sterilization chemistries. Kim joined Medtronic in 1999, where she is a sought-out advisor to technology programs across the enterprise. Kim has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota (Advisor: Frank S. Bates) and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Minnesota. She is an inventor on 18 issued patents and an author on many peer-reviewed publications. In late 2016, Kim returned to Minneapolis after a four-year assignment in Switzerland. Kim’s husband, Paul, is the President of Molex’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Solutions business. Together they have two children, Cole, a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering and Julia, a Chemical Engineering sophomore, both at the University of Michigan.